Well as you may well know now, 35 is now on the road at last though there are still lots of small jobs to be done. One of those jobs is to set the oil pump timing up as it has to spray oil to the base of the piston 62 degrees BBDC. So after fitting the timing wheel to the one side I removed the cam cover and set all the timing up. Realising that I had forgot the small oil seals that go between the pump and the cover I left the cover off till I went home and got them.  A couple of days later I went to do a bit more on 35 and fitted the seals, placed the cover back on and went for the points...... err went for the points...... where are the points???? I have misplaced them how I don’t know but I have hunted high and low and cannot find them and to make matters worse it’s the whole back plate and points as they were all built up ready for fitting. If anyone knows of anywhere that may well have a set of Miller Points in stock with the back plate as well (Please see pick) please e-mail me at geoff@35reliant.co.uk.

Other news 35 is being prepped ready for his showing at the NEC classic motor show in November. We are on stand 4C165 so pop by if you’re coming and say hi. So the paint where I put sawdust in it has been rubbed down ready for painting again and the oil pipes have been fitted as well. The plates for the catches should be here any day now as a friend of mine is putting a 20mm hole in the end for me as my bench drill is buried in the shed so I can’t use it and the peg for the diff cover spring to be fitted to is being made by George Engineering so that’s another job out the way.

I now have all the bits for the oil tank so that has now been made and fitted took some work but got there in the end. I have tried to make it look the part so it doesn’t look out of place on 35 as I have no pictures of what the oil tank did look like.

As much as I want to start 35 I can’t without the points so am concentrating on all the other little jobs once we get back from the NEC then I will start all the electrics that 35 needs so as soon as I have new points they can be fitted and will not be taken out again.

Well am off to look in that box over there just in case so until next month keep safe and get those spanners dirty.


October 2010


Old School using a DTI card to set the timing

Setting the cam and oil primer gears

Took some work but a new oil tank made to look like a small fuel tank

The missing points where are they do you have some?

If you find any missing or broken links please let me know at geoff@35reliant.co.uk. And if you have any information on Reliant pre 1952 please get in touch at the above e-mail address as I would love to hear from you.


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