Girder Fork Pictures

There are a fair few of the late Girder fork vans still around as you can see by this gallery. If your Girder fork van is not here and you would like it to be please e-mail me at

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1936 KKM
1947 Cheffins
1947 Cook

A rare 1936 Jap V Twin van

 1947  van

 1947  van

1947 Fayersham

1947  van

1947 RIK

1947  van

1947 Smith

1947 pick up

1936 7cwt

A rare 1936 Jap single van

1948 Daysall

1948  van

1948 LKT1

1948  van

1948 O Brien

1948  van

1949 KNA

1949  van

1950 EVH

1950 pick up

1950 Holts

1950  van

1950 KHN

1950 Regent pick up

1950 MTA

1950 van

1952 YZ
1953 Prince Regent
1954 Regent

1952  van

A rare 1953 10cwt Prince Regent

A late registered 1954 12cwt van

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1935 Reliant

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