35’s process would of been a lot slower if it was not for the help and support from the following companies. They have given their time or products (in some cases both) and I say a BIG THANK YOU to one and all for there help. If you would like to know more about the company then please click on there logo.

Also a special thanks has to go to the people listed below for all there help in one way or another with 35 and the website.

Peter Gnosill

Dee Gnosill

Kirsty Payne

Elvis Payne

Kerry Croxall

James Holland

Louise Holland

John Lees

Tony Gardiner

Graham Hodgson

Jim Pease

Mark Cropper

Wane (Spanners) Fearby

Reliant owners club

The Reliant owners club was a great help in contacts and information not only for this website but also for 35’s build. Also the club via Mark Cropper helped get 35 a registration to get back on the road again.

For help and a chat about all Reliant stuff why not join us on the Reliant Facebook Forum

Steve logo1

Eriks helped with Cleaning and building the rear axle, Metal spraying the half shaft, supplying Duplex and Simplex chains as well as access to specialised tools


Mountford supplied the rubber mat that was first used in 35’s load bed.


Ehrco made the specialised oil pipes needed for 35.s oil pump and also supplied the fittings needed for the pump

George Engineering

George Engineering were paramount in 35 getting on the road as they were able to machine new parts for me like the clutch housing which had broke

Industrial Brake

Industrial Brake were awesome with there help as they took my old    ( irreplaceable ) brake shoes and relined then with a special liner that would give me great stopping power at low heat.

Midland Bearing

Midland Bearing gave me all the bearings I needed for 35. The fact that these were 1935 bearings was not a problem for them


CHG supplied, repaired and fitted new wheel studs to 35’s hub as well as offering some great support and technical advice and data.

J Lees

Thanks could never be enough for J Lees garage as they helped get 35 finished in time for his MOT by building his exhaust, fuel pipe and supplying side lights as well as some good contacts for parts.

onlinetxt helped with technical information when building 35’s original website and also in listing the month by month progress reports of 35’s build on there site before 35 had his own site also in supplying some pictures for this website.

west brom fasteners

West Bromwich fasteners supplied all the bolts that 35 needed. Not only did they supply the bolts they thread matched the bolts for me as well

Pops Garage is a club run by my brother and I and they help with workshop space when 35 needs to go in for a big do over to keep him in top shape.


Graham of Car2oonz supplied cut away drawings for the book as well as design drawings for the website pop over and see him if you would like your car or bike done.


If you find any missing or broken links please let me know at And if you have any information on Reliant pre 1952 please get in touch at the above e-mail address as I would love to hear from you.


1935 Reliant

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