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In 1982 Reliant in co-operation with Lucas EV Systems Limited built an experimental hybrid vehicle; the Lucas Hybrid electric car. This was powered by a Lucas electric drive system and a Reliant 848cc petrol engine coupled to a generator, combining the benefits of electric drive with the flexibility of a conventional vehicle. The car could be driven in a number of operating modes; for everyday running it used battery power alone and it recharged over night from a domestic electricity supply, but it could complete a journey of any length using its on board engine generator. The 5 seater hatchback was made from fiberglass with steel side doors and had a specially designed separate steel chassis incorporating mountings for the main power battery pannier.



1982 Lucas Hybrid

1982 Lucas Hybrid

Photograph Courtesy of Elvis Payne

Photograph Courtesy of Elvis Payne

1982 Lucas Hybrid

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