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Tempest 850

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Thoroughbred Projects was commissioned to design the Tempest 850 in 1987. The aim was to utilise new components supplied by Reliant Motor Co. using experience gained from the design of an experimental car produced in the early 1980s as a performance and handling exercise. The manufacturing side has since been taken over by Thoroughbred Projects and the Tempest 850 is now available as a conversion kit for transformation of a Reliant Fox and Kitten models.

Model Profile: The Tempest 850 is designed by J S Box (creator of the TVR 350i, Britain’s best sports car of the eighties)and Ian Foster with the specific purpose of providing a thoroughly practical small and economic traditionally styled sports car. It provides ample performance and reliable everyday motoring plus the ability to perform well in classic trials and other weekend motor sports activities. The Tempest 850 is immensely tough and possesses very high standards of handling and comfort. The body shell is a tubular steel frame alloy panelled early cars using a galvanised floor pan and later ones a fiberglass one. The wings, radiator shell and tail panel are high quality GRP mouldings.

Donor Vehicle: Reliant Fox or Kitten. The Kitten version requires some Fox parts to complete it but these are readily available though Reliant parts sources. No other source of parts is required but suitable wheels and seats will have to be obtained from a proprietary manufacturer. The Reliant chassis is easily modified to accept the Tempest bodyshell using components supplied in the basic kit.

Tempest TT (trial tempest) with no doors, low gearing and narrower body .

Tempest 850 was more road spec , with opening doors wider body

Tempest 950 had a 950 Chrysler/Sunbeam engine

Raptor last model with a restyle

Vantique is separate model ,a van version , very practical commercial

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Tempest Vantique

Tempest 850

1988 Tempest 850 prototype  number 1


1989 Tempest 850

1976 Tempest Kitten convertible


Photograph Courtesy of Tempest Cars

Photograph Courtesy of Tempest Cars

Photograph Courtesy of Tempest Cars

Tempest Vantique

1975 Tempest Vantique Kitten

Photograph Courtesy of Tempest Cars

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