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When David Tandy retired early from a career in various industries [which included Romahome Motorhomes] to a farm on the Isle of Wight his wife expressed a wish for a motorhome, so together they formed Tandy Industries, and, borrowing much from the contemporary Citroen-based Romahome, also local to Wight, he designed a small camper body to fit on the basic pickup version of the Reliant Fox. David and Rosemary completed a successful test drive to Spain and back and The Tandy was released with a fanfare at the 1984 NEC caravan show, priced at under £5,500, or £2000 more than the basic Fox. Around 50 or so Tandy Fox R Vs were produced over the next 3 or 4 years. [Along with a range of similar grp camper bodies for mounting on various commercials [David’s favourite being the Tandy Maestro.]

Driving a Tandy Fox draws lots puzzled grins from passers-by. Even with an extra spring leaf, handling is a bit ponderous and the 40 bhp 850cc engine leaves it a little underpowered but it cruises happily at 60+  - until you meet a hill, or run into a head wind.

On reaching your destination, setting up the double bed is something of a jigsaw challenge, and once the bed is set up it takes over almost all of the space, even the cab as far as the steering wheel.  Hopefully you remembered beforehand to get all you need out of the surprisingly spacious lockers beneath the bed. The grp twin-wall insulated body is very cosy in all weathers and seasons, the windows are large and easily opened, as is the roof vent.

The cooker and sink [with electric pump tap] on either side have spacious cupboards beneath too, with the option of a fridge in the ‘Goldcrest’ model, and there are two wall cupboards.

Most owners down the years will have added their own fixtures and fittings to suit their particular wants.

The small size of the Tandy is a plus point for parking and use as a daily driver. With the drive-away awning from a Citroen Romahome, [a similar shape of body], there is ample space to use during the day, reserving the van to sleep, cook and wash up in. Not many campers offer the luxury to fill the kettle, make the tea, and drink it, all without stirring from your bed!

Tandy RV

1985 Tandy Camper

Photograph Courtesy of James Holland

1985 Tandy Fox Camper

Written for by Duncan Bradford

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