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Built to replace the Standard Reliant and supporting the all new Reliant 750cc side valve engine the van was offered in three body sizes. As the chassis was just metal sections bolted together then all Reliant would do is add extra sections if the bigger model was required. The 8cwt was dropped to 6cwt to come in under the weight restrictions of motorbike riders driving a three wheeler as these were still some of Reliants biggest users. There are custom body Regents like Milk Floats and Vegetable vans though these were modified by an outside source. In 1953 with the launch of the Mk1 Regal saloon Reliant tried to up date the now dated look of the Regent van with the Price Regent and make it look more up to date by covering the girder forks in.

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1952 10cwt Pickup
1952 12ctw Regent

1952 Regent Pickup

Photograph Courtesy of Kerry Croxton

Photograph Courtesy of Wilfried

1952 Regent 12CTW van


1953 Prince Regent 12CTW van

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