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In 1952 Reliant modified the body of the Reliant van to accommodate four people, and so in 1952 the Regal Mk 1 was exhibited at Earls Court. The Mk 1 had an aluminium body fixed to an Ash frame. Over the next few years the Reliant Regal took on many forms and the “Regal” name lived on for two decades. The Regal Mk2 in 1955 started to use glass fibre body panels and in 1956 the Regal Mk 3 was the first all glass-fibre Reliant.

The Regal was continuously improved upon with the Mk 4 in 1958, Mk 5 in 1959 and the Mk 6 in 1960. In 1962 a major step forward was taken with the Regal 3/25. This had a unitary construction body of re-enforced glass fibre. Polyester was moulded in two major units (outer and inner) and then bonded together and bolted to a steel chassis. A year later Reliant developed their own 600cc overhead valve unit which was Britain's first flowline production light alloy motor engine. In 1969 the 750cc engine was introduced and Reliant's production was such that it in 1969 the fifty thousandth 3/25 model was delivered. In 1970 the Regal 21E was introduced with 21 extras fitted at the factory.

It perhaps almost impossible to not mention the Reliant Regal Supervan III without someone mentioning “Del Boy” in the BBC series “Only Fools and Horses”. The series featured a yellow van that was used by the main characters. Such is the power of this classic comedy series that many Reliant Regal Supervans are being sold and purchased at over inflated prices so that people can create their own “Del Boy” van. In one way this is good as it is keeping these Reliants maintained and on the road ... on the downside within a few years every Supervan could be a dirty yellow colour!



Supervan III

Reliant Regal Mk5

Photograph Courtesy of Kerry Croxton

Photograph Courtesy of Kerry Croxton

Reliant Regal Mk6

Photograph Courtesy of Kerry Croxton

Reliant Regal Supervan III

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