Reliant Kitten 1975 - 1982


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The Reliant Kitten was first unveiled at the 1975 Motor Show at Earls Court as a replacement for the Rebel. Designed by Ogle the Kitten was in appearance very similar to the Mk 1 Reliant Robin and was powered by the same 848cc engine. Thanks to adapted rack and pinion, the Kitten has an amazing turning circle of just 23 feet. The Kitten was eventually replaced by the Reliant Fox with only 4.074 Kittens being manufactured. It has been said that the Kitten may have found a greater market, had it not have looked so similar to the 3-wheeled Robin.



kitten saloon
kitten estate

Reliant Kitten Saloon

Photograph courtesy of Thomas Touw

Photograph courtesy of Brain Radford

Reliant Kitten Estate

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