Well this month with the snow rain and time things have not moved as far as I wanted. To my great plan of things I would say that I am four weeks behind at the moment.

Jobs have been done though; I now have a repaired front drop leg for the top chassis to hang off as the bottom has been completely remade and the old bodge well and truly gone. All that remains is for the holes to be drilled in place. I am hoping that I can just lay the two sections on top of each other and then make though one to the other. The chassis ends that I have are still waiting to be grafted on to complete the rails and then all will have a good wire brushing before being taken over to Transline to be painted a nice shade of black.

The half shaft that needs metal spraying still needs doing and all going well it will be sorted this month so that the back axle can be put back together again. I was going to pay a local company to do it for me but Ericks Digbeth branch do it and said they would take care of it for me if I leave it with them so fingers crossed. The bearings are now sorted thanks to Gary. The bearings are an old imperial design and would cost a fortune to be made but one of our new supporters Midland Bearings can match the old units and supply me with new ones.

The big news this month is that as I could not do much outside I spoke to Elvis and then crafted a site just for 35 and his family at www.35reliant.co.uk

We also now have a supporter’s page and a need for completion list there so please stop by and see how 35 came to be and visit our supporters who without their help things would be moving a lot slower.

And not for getting a big thanks to my brother Elvis (3-wheelers.com) for putting up with me and all my phone calls while I was doing the site so I knew it would be right as well as finding lots of cool vintage pictures for me to use.

Well next month I hope to have the chassis finished and bolts sourced so that it can be put back together and then onto putting the car back together. Till then thanks for reading please check out 35’s site, bye for now.  


February 2010


Front chassis legs now repaired and solid

Old and new bearings looking better

35’s virtual home on the internet

If you find any missing or broken links please let me know at geoff@35reliant.co.uk. And if you have any information on Reliant pre 1952 please get in touch at the above e-mail address as I would love to hear from you.


1935 Reliant

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