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Saloon convertible


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Tony Stevens took his design to Reliant's manager Ritchie Spencer who agreed to take the design on as a trial.  Reliant built two Reliant Ciphers, but decided that the 850cc engine was too small as they wanted a more powerful roadster, plus the work that had to go into the Cipher was not cost effective for Reliant to continue with the design any further.

Only one of the two Reliant Ciphers still exists, which is in the hands of car enthusiast Thomas Touw from the Netherlands. Thomas also owns 2 of the 6 Ciphers that Stevens made himself. (Lucky Man!!)

It was based on the Reliant Kitten chassis and running gear with the alloy 850cc engine.  It had a top speed of 93 mph, but achieved 44 mpg.


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Photograph Courtesy of Brain Mung

Reliant Cipher


1935 Reliant

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