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The Asquith Shetland was built by the Asquith Motor Carriage Ltd of Essex in the style of Morris 1929 5cwt van. The Shetland was built upon the Reliant Fox chassis and powered by that company€’s 850cc alloy engine, driving through a four-speed gearbox. The vintage style van coachwork was constructed in fibreglass and offered a practical payload area of almost 60cu.ft. and 7 1/2cwt capacity.

n the early 1980's, Crispin Reed & Bruce West were making reproduction desks and leather sofas. They restored a vintage 1928 “Austin 12” van to use for local deliveries and became aware that it was great for publicity but it did not prove very reliable.

They stripped a Ford Transit and fitted a unique body shape, which was sign inspired by the 1929 Talbot and Model A Ford vans. The Asquith was born and this unique and reliable vehicle was perfect for their deliveries and achieved so much interest that they decided to develop the idea. The craftsmen who had previously been making reproduction furniture turned their skills to create bespoke driving seats and stylish wooden windows.

During the next 15 years, 'Asquith Motor Carriage Company Ltd' operated from a 25,000 sq.ft. factory on an industrial park at Great Yeldham, Essex, employing 30 craftsmen and producing around 100 vehicles per annum. The vehicles were sold across the UK and exported all over the world, mostly to Germany and Japan.

There were three core vehicles:

  • 'Shire' - 3.5 ton delivery van and food serving vehicle.
  • 'Mascot' - 3.5 ton bus with 8 seats.
  • 'Shetland' - Small delivery vehicle built on a Reliant Kitten (Later models Fox) chassis

Information Taken from the Asquith website

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Asqith Shetland

Asqith Shetland 850

Asqith Shetland with a Reliant Kitten Running gear and chassis

Photograph Courtesy of Bonhams

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