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35 is a 1935 Reliant van built in September and is the 31st Reliant ever made its also the oldest know and the only one of its type still on the road.

Southern Area Rally
35 drawn

35’s drawings were done by Graham Hodgson of car2oonz and show a great classic look of 35 and what his staring role in Cars would look like if he was a star click them to see more

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This restoration is also published as a book with loads of unseen pictures and details about 35 at Lulu publishing

Taking a close up look at 35


Over the passed few years I have collected when found Reliant Girder fork models here are the ones I have.


As part of Pops Garage we will be at the NEC Classic Motor show in November on stand 5/825 so why not come along and see 35 and all the other amazing machines there. All members of Pops get a discount on there pre-booked tickets so drop me a email at and I can supply you our special discount code for you to use.


1935 Reliant

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