Prototype Raleigh LDV2

Raleigh LDV2 prototype year unknown

1935 Raleigh LDV 3

Raleigh LDV3 1935

Thanks to Mick Lumix for this picture


Raleigh LDV3 1934

Protertype reliant


The first ever Reliant 1934 prototype

Only three 1935 models are know to survive and they are Reliants Chassis (Location unknown) The restored 1935 Reliant (Location unknown) and my 1935 Reliant which is number 31 the oldest know to survive.

Reliants 35 hidden in a lock up somewhere

1935 7ctw 600cc JAP powered model owned by Reliant Still.

1935 Model

1935 7ctw 600cc JAP powered model at the Bubble car museum

My 1935 Reliant

1935 7ctw 600cc JAP powered model. The one I am restoring


1936 8ctw 600cc V twin JAP model

Old Red (Custom)

1949 8ctw 750cc Reliant powered model


The First Reliant dealer in Lower Gungate Tamworth

Ready for dispatch

1936 Model Reliants ready for dispatch out side the reliant works