Out and About

Now that 35 is done it’s time to see some of the places where 35 has been on his travels.

35 at Tamworth 2010

Tamworth 2010 35 wins car of the day on his first outing back on the road

35 meets Jasper Carrot

Star treatment in 2011 when 35 meets Jasper Carrot at Broad Street, Birmingham


35 on show at NABD 2012 rally

35 at the NEC Classic car show 2010

Star place on show at the NEC Classic car and bike show 2010

35 meets Nigel Mansel

35 meets Nigel Mansell at Broad Street, Birmingham 2011 and receives a car of the day award


35 on show at BCLM 2012 on there driving day.

35 at Lichfield 2011

On show at Lichfield Cars in The Park 2011

35 at Tamworth 2011

Tamworth 2011 35 once again on show


35 on show at Lichfield cars in the Park 2012 and also 35 did a cavalcade for the Olympic touch