Items needed

Here is a list of Items that I need to complete 35. If you can help with any of the items and would like to be added to our list of supporters then please e-mail me

While this list is not complete it is a start and more items will be added as and when I think of them

The items crossed out in the blue boxes have been supplied by our Supporters just click on it to see what they have given

Brake Rods

Rear Lights

Front lights

Rear Mud guards

6 volt Battery

Wood for body

1/2” duplex chain

Speed O cable

Advance and Retard cable

Accelerator cable

Rubber Mat for rear tub

1/2” Simplex Chain

Petrol tank sealer

Nuts and Bolts

Brake Linings

Oil Pipes


6 Volt Coil

6 Volt Regulator

Bulb Horn

Gear Box oil grease

Engine oil 30

Grease nipples

Steering Wheel

Bearing rear axle

Chassis Paint

Hand Controls

Metal Spaying

6 Volt Dynamo

Oil Tank

Star spring washer

Hand Brake

Inner Tubes

Tyres 450x18

Brake drums skimmed

Head Light

Front Number Plate Holder

Front brake cable

Wheel Studs

Brake Light switch

Front Mud Guard

Rear Number Plate

Ignition Switch


Fuel Line and fuel tap